Finally, the newest Miscelleanous Iggies Museum Europe Expositon !!!

                                Welcome to the :    7th  Show !!





Again the Miscellaneous Iggies Museum Treasurer will take you on a tour through all the collectibles safely stored in the Museum or the pieces found in books and on the Web. Everything convenient gathered at one place.

As always, free of entrance, the only thing you need is just that little bit of patience while the pictures download.Please accept my apologies up front, cause there over 75 nice pieces on display ......


I can imagine up till now many of your spouses said: " WHY  do you spend so much of (y)our money on those stupid collectibles" as they might see not what we see. Well here, for all of you a good idea to spend money on , and an answer  to shut them up: USEFUL OBJECTS  that still tell you about the historic outlook of your Italian Greyhound and the way they were depicted by artists. You can deck the table in style, you can store groceries in other, some can be placed on your desk, just use a bit of imagination and ANYTHING becomes a useful object <G> Isn't after all anything that pleases the eye "useful", it enriches our emotional lives ! There is a small borderline between some objects that I want to display in the next show: JEWELRY as that has a great deal to do with silver, but I tried to make a wise decision in showing it now or then. ( Like hairpins: they are useful but they are just as well "jewelry")



                Below is THE absolute cutest piece from my"usefully" collection.

Produced somewhere in the fifties is this British cookie tin, although I am not in favor of people accompanying my dogs when it comes to collectibles, this one sweeps me of my feet in all it's charm. That girl just could have been me if I would have been born  a decade earlier and deep down in my heart I am that little girl having fun and talking to her IG.


A smaller version will get you from page to page in the Museum, just click on this one to begin your tour

Before you click it, I kindly ask you to empty your mind to let your fantasy work with all the images and text your about to see, as you enter the rooms. Absorb the images, close your eyes and start visualizing and hopefully, you'll see what I mean ........

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This icon is here to satisfy my own curiosity, since I never dreamed of having so many visitor from all over the world ! Thanks for your interest in my publications !